How To Join PUBG Custom Room Tournament

What is a PUBG Custom Room?

In PUBG Mobile, rooms are wont to host custom matches where the player who creates the space can set the map, weapons (Sniper, Assault Rifles and lots of more), and mode (Solo, Duo or Squad).

Well, it’s essentially a player-hosted lobby where you’ll set custom rules for matches and have people around you join and play against one another . Anyone with the space ID and password can join the space .

How to create a Custom Room in PUBG Mobile?

After obtaining the space Card, you would like to follow these steps to make a custom room in PUBG Mobile:

  • On the most lobby screen, tap on the ‘Customise match selection’ button (Classic, Arena and lots of more).
  • Tap the space tab which is present on the bottom-left corner of the ‘Customie match lobby’ screen.
  • Once you’ve selected the said option, press the ‘Create Room’ button on the bottom-right corner of the screen to make the Custom room. this may lead you to the sport settings.
  • Here, you’ll be ready to alter the Custom Room settings consistent with your preference and limit the players who can join your room. you’ll set the parameters like Room Name, Match Mode (Solo, Duo, Team), Room Password and Map Selection.

And that’s all you would like to understand about creating and joining Custom Rooms in PUBG Mobile. you’ll now start hosting your own lobbies and tournaments.

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How to join PUBG Mobile Custom Room Tournament.

Please Read all Rules and regulations of the Channel Dola Gaming

  1. “Subscribe” ( “hit bell icon”) and “like” custom room live video you are participating in to become eligible for the giveaway. You will be disqualified
  2. If you do it after gameplay starts. We always ask for screenshots and verify it before handing over giveaways to the winner.
  3. New ids, hackers, and cheaters will not get paid, so please stay away from our custom rooms.
  4. Giveaways will be paid within 48 hours through Paytm or UC transfer using
  5. You can win only one prize once a month and that month you are allowed to play in any team. The team will be disqualified if you do so.
  6. Room ID & password will be shared at our Discord.
  7. Join the server and bring our 2 line-ups
  8. And just tag 4 members and players IGN.
  9. IF u register and no attending custom u will get ban for 5 days
  10. Per Day 2 matches winner choose by point.
  11. From MONDAY -SATURDAY there will be 2 match and Sunday 1 Match Of Royal Pass.
  12. Price money of winner is 140UC to winner team members.
  13. Sunday Royal Pass winner choose by point and MVP of winner team is a winner of Royal Pass
  14. IF hacker in the game Room Will be cancelled.
  15. Same day next custom room will be created only after every 200 likes, so keep supporting.